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Do you know how to choose your handbags?

Nowadays, in this modern era, everyone especially every woman wants to be more beautiful and attractive. To achieve this goal and effect, they adopt several methods to make themselves more gorgeous. One way is your handbags. Please be attention, here now I will have a introduction of the handbags and tell you how to choose your handbags which make you more beautiful and have a strong appeal to all the men (or we can say to the entire person, believe you have a burning desire on it).

Do you know when you choose your handbags; you should take your face-size, height, lifestyle, fashion, personality in the consideration.

1. Handbags and Facial Form

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If your face is dimension and with high cheekbones, you can choose the personality style handbags with clear stripes and neutral metal style; however if your features small, round face, you can have the choice with more shiny type of sweet and cute bags.

2. Handbags and Bust

When the bag under your arm, we looked it from the front view, only can see its thickness. Therefore, chest fullness and thicker round waist women should choose a rectangular bag; while flat chest, thin body shape women should choose the side on the thickness of the triangular bag in order to allow the slightly plump around.

3.Handbags and height

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Nowadays wide large bags are hot popular, but how to choose your handbags, it must based on your height. If your height above 165cm, you can choose the bags for about 60 cm, which can be vertically and put into a magazine-sized bags; if your height is below 158 centimeters, then you must select the total length of about 50 cm which should be put into the magazine sideways size bag, in order to reach the purpose of the proportion of elongated shape.

4.Handbags and Hexes

When using the package with a small shoulder strap, you can fix a little bag with the arm to avoid lashing your bags; Bags should be coiled in the arm, elbow 90 degrees naturally rely on waist; If your bags have no sheets you can put hugs in the chest, or along the length of the arm near the thigh in a natural position of trust, my dear sisters, attention, please be avoid putting bag with no strap under your arm.

5. Handbags and Color

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Color plays an important role when your use your bags, jewelry and clothing .The overall level of the same color but with a clear distinction between shades can create a generous and elegant style. Bags and your wearing have a color contrast, such as the black dress with a red bag and shoes, it shines with personality; bags can also be printed in the floral skirt or coat pattern in the choice of any one color, the overall feeling is lively style with elegance.

6. Handbags and Lifestyle

When you choose your handbags, you must not forget the purpose that why you choose this kind and style of handbags. If you new be a beautiful mother, please not buy top quality handbags to put your babys items, and it will shock all the persons who have a glimpse. And the big and colorful handbags will let you and your baby more fashionable and attractive.

7. Handbags and Personality

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If you like the leisure and the sports style, you can choose the handbags with hard material such as the nylon, plastic. However, if you are the lovely or value girl, the material of your handbags can be the.

8. Handbags and Fashion

May you not suit the most fashionable handbags? If this season the light circle tote is the most fashionable and you really like it, but you must know its not suit you, and the next green land leisure is your best choice.

9. Handbags and Leather

louis vuitton handbags

Common natural leather under the thumb of the press appears fine in texture, the better grades, leather full degree of flexibility. Common goat showed wavy pattern arranged, coarse and fine; yellow leather lines tightness, irregular dots arranged pores; pig skin is rough surface, the pattern is usually a group of three pore distributions can be hard to soft.

10. Handbags and Workmanship

No matter how long you choose your handbags, every woman wants to buy one which have a exquisite workmanship. So when you finally choose your favorite handbags, you should have a careful check all the aspects of your handbags. Such as the strap, the zipper, button, texture, all of those are the non-ignorable sections before you pay the bill.

So my dear friends, after reading this article, have you gotten skills on how to choose your handbags. Let take these steps to make yourselves more beautiful and elegant.

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