( 10 février, 2011 )

Most High-profile Classic Luxury Bags!

Last century, they born of high-profile in well-born family; Each quarter, they transform makeup and coat, yet high-profile; in the street, they help you keep more thoughtful accoutrements; in companies, they give you enough confidence. That are classic luxury bags! Fashion goes by, classic is forever, they will not fall like a meteor shining just for a moment, and she does not change the style. Before you have them, you are always dreaming about them, seeking the thirst. As long as you own them, you have a dignified appearance, face, leaving you desk graced; at home, they give you a sense of accomplishment enough, and to be your favorite collection. The classic luxury bags are the stars in the fashion galaxy, forever high-profile, always be followed!

In May of 1922, designed by the Coco CHANEL, it was named 2.55. Square turn buckle, metal chain belts and diamond-shaped lozenge mark has become a classic sign and derived to different style for times.

Belong to 2.55 family, but it was re-designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The classic double-C Logo is its symbol, total in five sizes.

With the high quality French BOX leather, there are two kinds of small and medium size. There are three intervals inside the bag and a zippered inner pocket.

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